Pakistan will appeal to ICC on Australia’s ‘dishonesty’

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In Australia vs Pakistan the Pakistan cricket team is preparing to appeal to ICC after the defeat in Melbourne Test against Australia. The Pakistani team alleges that the umpires gave wrong decisions several times during the match, due to which they suffered losses.

Pakistan angry with the controversial decision on Rizwan's wicket

Pakistan angry with the controversial decision on Rizwan’s wicket

The biggest allegation of the Pakistani team is on the controversial decision taken on the wicket of Rizwan. Rizwan was given out on a bouncer, but with the help of DRS, Australia dismissed him. Pakistan says that even from DRS it was not clear whether the ball was touching Rizwan’s bat or gloves.

Pakistan team director Mohammad Hafeez said in the press conference that “Very unfair decisions were taken by the umpires. We play this beautiful game of cricket naturally and we all know the basics of the game. I am not against technology in the game. But if it brings doubt and confusion then it is not acceptable.”

Hafeez said that the Pakistani team will appeal to the ICC to investigate the matter and take appropriate action.


Pakistan’s appeal can create a stir in the cricket world. If ICC upheld Pakistan’s appeal, it could cause huge loss to Australia.

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