Lion Roars! Pakistan Pounces on India’s Fall, South Africa Reclaims Top Spot in WTC

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In the first test, India’s loss led to a significant turnaround in the points table. Pakistan, like a lion, took Team India’s place at the top. Team India slipped to number five. Before this match, South Africa moved from number one to number five after a defeat. However, Pakistan benefited from India’s loss, and now, with today’s win, South Africa is back at number one in the new points table. Its winning percentage is 100%, having played and won one match, earning 12 points.

India’s Surprise Loss Shakes Up the Standings:

india vs sri lanka
india vs sri lanka

With a winning percentage of 61.2, Pakistan is at number two. They won two matches, lost one, and received two penalty points, accumulating 22 points. These two teams are currently at the top, and a final match is expected between them. However, many matches are yet to be played, and New Zealand is at number three with a winning percentage of 50, just like Bangladesh. Both have won one and lost one match, resulting in 50% winning percentage. India, initially at number one, has now slipped to number five with a winning percentage of 44, having played one, won one, lost one, and drawn one match. Australia is at number six with a winning percentage of 41.67, West Indies at number seven with 16.67%, and England at number eight with the lowest winning percentage of 15%. Sri Lanka has not played any matches yet.

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India’s position has suffered significantly after just one loss. From being number one, they have slipped to number five. The next match is scheduled for the 3rd, and it will be interesting to see how India performs. If they win, it could benefit them in the World Test Championship points table, earning 12 points and potentially increasing their winning percentage. They might climb up to number three or even reach number two, but it’s a long way ahead. This is the current state, and it remains to be seen how India performs in the upcoming match.

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