India vs South Africa: 23 Wickets in One Day: Is This the Death of Test Cricket?

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The game between South Africa and India in the second Test match has concluded on the first day, but the biggest question arises about the responsibility for the fall of 23 wickets.

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Dramatic Day in Cape Town: 23 Wickets Fall in Historic Test

Yes, not one, not two, not five, not ten, not fifteen, but a total of 23 wickets have fallen on the Cape Town Test’s first day. The match has ended in just one day, but approximately 65 overs of the Test match have been played. The biggest question now is why such challenging wickets are being made. If this competition had taken place in India and 23 wickets had fallen, the foreign media would have criticized and questioned the quality of the wickets.

Questions Swirl Over Pitch Quality After High-Wicket Day

However, today, when 23 wickets have fallen in South Africa, will no one raise any questions? Let me tell you, historically, this is the second instance of the most wickets falling in a single day of a Test match. The last time such a record was set was in 1902 when 25 wickets fell on the first day of a Test match. Today, after 121 years, 23 wickets have fallen, placing India versus South Africa at number two in this remarkable statistic.

Sachin Tendulkar and Aakash Chopra Join Criticism of South African Wickets

Sachin Tendulkar, the cricket legend, has commented on the situation, stating that South Africa lost three wickets in the last three balls of the day. He mentioned that when he took a flight, South Africa was all out, and when he reached home, 13 wickets had fallen. The wickets that are being made in South Africa are of such poor quality, and questions are being raised about them.

India Takes Control After South Africa Crumbles for 55

Former cricketer Aakash Chopra has tweeted, questioning the pitch, stating that nobody will say a word about the pitch. He expressed surprise at the kind of wickets being made, making it difficult for batsmen to stand in the first innings.

Can Test Cricket Survive Such High-Scoring Matches?

In the first innings, South Africa was all out for 55, while the Indian team managed to score 153 runs. Virat Kohli scored 46, Gill made 36, and Rohit contributed 39 runs. South Africa has lost three wickets in their second innings, still trailing by 36 runs.

If we talk about fast bowlers, all 10 wickets for India were taken by fast bowlers. Looking at South Africa, nine wickets were taken by fast bowlers, and one was taken by a spinner. Questions should be raised about the wickets falling to fast bowlers.

The question arises about whether these wickets will keep Test cricket alive or if there is a plan to finish Test cricket within two days.

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